I have a strong interest in creative process particularly when combined with inner work, and am offering my service in a one-on-one context.

If any of the following descriptions apply to you, then having me alongside may be of interest to you:

– if you are undergoing change in your life and want to explore it
– if you have experienced some brokenness/trauma and want to use expression as one of the tools to work with it.
– if you have a creative pursuit that you want to develop
– if you have a story to tell


‘when the things that heal…’ isn’t only about songs.
‘when the things that heal…’ is about curiosity, personal metaphor and creative process.


We were born to make.
We were born to make things.
We were born to make sense.
We were born to make love.
We were born to make connections.

with each other
with ourselves

out of nothingness.
out of brokenness.
out of the everyday.

for our health.
for our understanding.
for the hang of it.

When we do the same thing everyday…..
How do we make things different?
How do we find a new and fresh point of view?

By learning to pay attention to our life.
to the patterns
to the signs and symbols
to the coincidences

to those things that make us go huh?

It is in recognising these moments and then recycling them into something new that we:
make more connections (about ourselves, about life)
make more things

which enable us to

make more connections
make more things
and make a more interesting life


Finding The Life Beneath Your Life

I have been a creative all of my life.

The medium I have predominantly worked in is music but my overarching interest has been in the area of creative process – how we get to make what we make and the stories that led us there.

Whether you are stuck in your creativity or in your life, I am able to help you expand your point of view and thus see your creativity and life in a new way.

When we make new connections, we have new possibilities.

So what value do I bring?

  • I am able to recognise patterns – which means I am able to identify recurring themes, similarities or points of interest in your creating that you may not necessarily see.

  • I am able to make links between seemingly disparate themes – which means I can create connections that may not be immediately obvious and that will add interest to your creating.

  • I am able to recognise narrative and emotional nuance – which means I can hear the story beneath the story, or detect in finer detail the slight variances in the tone of one part of your story or creating to another.

  • I am able to work within the different phases of your creative process – which means that I will have an instinct for whether you are needing to move through a block or sit for a while and explore what appears to be a stagnant place.

  • I am able to get a feel for your voice and your language – which means that I can be alongside you and speak back to you and your creating in your language and in a way that resonates with you.

  • I am able to straddle the line between comfort and discomfort – which means that I am able to stretch you just enough to feel like a stretch and provide just enough comfort within that to help you feel safe in trying something new.

  • I am passionate about the physicality of making and the benefits of the act of creating to the maker – which means that I am able to have a vision for the scale of what you do (whether it means going bigger or smaller) in terms of how it will imprint on you as a person and how it will inform any future making.

  • I am able to translate and re-contextualise – which means I can direct what you have made into a different medium which will give you a deeper understanding of what it is you are saying or exploring.

  • I am able to listen and be with you – wherever you are at.

My rates:

$80 per hour – predominantly a first consult
$45 per half hour
Pre-purchase of the equivalent of ten hours – $720

Contact me with regards to one-on-one sessions.