“that’s my hummingbird…”

this evening one of my students requested to learn the song Hummingbird by John Mayer.

this is 2 days after my previous blog recounting my awareness around wooden birds – it included a mention of the hummingbird.

so again my curiosity was piqued and hence I share it here.

what would i do from here to engage in this little dance with the universe and my brain.

this is a process i utilised a lot in my year of homeopathy, therapy, journalling, collage and songwriting – noticing the symbols that stood out from the ordinary and which i felt for some reason had significance.

often i have a sense of what that significance is – other times – like currently – not so much. there is the somewhat obvious reference of birds and singing and birds and freedom of flight, but there may be something i’m missing. so i will continue to notice what comes into my path.

my friend Erica responded to the earlier post by sending the cute song Littlest Birds by the Be Good Tanyas.

given that i have some sort of fascination with the hummingbird as part of my wooden bird series, i would likely delve into it a little in this manner…

  1. i would look up the definition of the word including it’s origins and derivative words, adjectives, synonyms etc. in this case it is a species of bird so i would read about it and see if anything stands out and i would make a note of those.
  2. i would think about any personal associations with hummingbirds (memories, dreams, books read, films watched, conversations had).
  3. i would continue to listen and watch out for any references that come across my path.
  4. i would collect any images that resonate for some reason.

that’s it for now – this little hummingbird is sleepy.

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