song by song – that sun_that you


That Sun_That You lyrics

Send love for the body and the mind
Send love for the body and the mind

Send love for the body
Send love for the body and the mind

What do I do?

You love
You love you taking over
You want me to take over
You want me to take over

That sun will come close to you
That sun will come close to you

That sun
That you

Fun Facts:

– That Sun_That You was an improvised composition. All of the vocals you can hear were written as they were being sung and recorded. This is why you can’t make out some of the words, as I didn’t know what I was going to sing until it came out of my mouth. There are some pitch and maybe performance variances but I decided not to relearn or redo the parts but rather to keep them as they were captured.

– as the story goes, I was having a particularly difficult afternoon and texted my homeopath saying “I am fighting myself”. She replied “Give yourself some love amongst the fight”. I opened a session and found some random drum tracks that I had made and left lying around (something I haven’t to date done very often) so I basically turned the microphone on and sang for the length of the recording one vocal at a time.

– at 1’16” there is a very broken up vocal part. This wasn’t an added effect but occured in real time during the recording when my mic started glitching.

– when mixing this track Lee asked about a sound that occurs at 4’12”. He wanted to know how I made that sound – he loved it and described it as the sound of a pencil dropping. (It sounds great later on with a delay on it). It really is just a software sound in the programme I was using, but it cracked me up. I never did give Lee my full reply which would have been something like “I spent the whole album trying to make these interesting sounds by scraping, plucking strings, bowing oven grills and wine racks, recording pulleys etc and you ask about a sound activated by triggering a key on a midi keyboard?” Sigh. Just as well I love Lee and his work. I still do.

– my laptop had crashed a week out from the final mix and while I had saved all the files, I had lost one of my programmes that would play the drum samples. Lee put a shout out to Ben Lemi Wood who was coming into the studio and he let me use his computer during mix to check out the tracks. Musicians have always been pretty generous with their time and resources and once again I was very grateful for this.

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