song by song – falling down


Falling Down Lyrics:

Back here at the start again a baby learns to walk
Plant your feet onto the ground now can you turn around and talk?
The mechanics of our love all at once and not so subtle
Then static and unmoveable but sometimes like a toddler
Wobbly cute and falling down
Bottom first with fatty thighs

Hey….hey….we’re falling down
Hey….hey….we’re falling down

Emerging from the ocean floor and now I make my way to town
I’m not the man I was before when I was hanging upside down
Take the escalator or catch a train to get there faster
With all this elevation it’s just compression of the spine to think that we’ve arrived
From crustacian to the divine

Hey hey we’re falling down
Hey hey we’re falling down
Hey hey
Hey hey

And now we’re coming off as if we’ve lost our way
Turning on the same spot like it happens all the time
Not having left, never having arrived
Like it happens all the time never having left, not having arrived
Not having left, never having arrived 360 degree child

Hey we’re falling down
Hey hey we’re falling down
We’re falling down through the turnstile

Fun Facts:

– this song – as with most of the others – came through a process with my homeopath, where I was writing songs and taking them to our session and Tracey was prescribing. I would then go away again and write etc so we got onto a bit of a roll.

– the morning I took Falling Down in, Tracey told me she already had a remedy in mind. Twenty minutes before taking the song to her, I ran through it and added the last line on spontaneously, When I finished playing the song to her, she told me that the remedy she had in mind was Lac Defloratum (Cow’s Milk). She asked what a turnstile was? “I don’t know – one of those things you walk through in train stations? She googled ‘turnstile’ and ‘cow’ and we learned that turnstiles were invented for agricultural purposes. The first photo from her search was of a cow going through a turnstile on it’s way to milking in a rotary cowshed.

– during the time I wrote the song, I was fascinated with flexibility and had just bought an exercise book called The Happy Body by Aniela and Jerzy Gregorek

– I am grateful to Ben Fulton for suggestions regarding some key arrangement aspects of the song.

– the singers were mostly students from Kapiti College who had helped me in a live performance of the song 6 months earlier. My friend and fellow songwriter Ariana Tikao also joined the small choir.

– after finishing the song, I found the word ‘crustacians’ in the original collage my former partner gave me…


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