the intersection game newtonian style…

So today I hit a post.

With my car.

Don’t worry I took it’s details for insurance purposes, and in case there was any discrepancy over who was at fault.

Not that it has a leg to stand on. It left it’s paint on my car.

I hadn’t seen that post at all! I mean – what was it even doing there? I thought I had hit a person. I had been exercising the dog, listening absent-mindedly to podcasts, thinking random thoughts like…’what am I going to blog about today? It needs to be something funny’.

My mind was also skating in other directions – that’s how clever our minds are. We can think about several topics at once – without even really landing on the thoughts. We can think about a subject so much, that we know longer need to really focus on the thinking part. We just use a code word and that sums up a whole PHD of material we could splurge on the matter.

What will I eat soon? What funny and insightful thing will I blog about. That former lover. The day ahead.

So I guess you could say I was somewhat distracted. At least, mentally multi-tasking. Not that it matters because that post was so damn short I couldn’t even see it out my rear window. Not that I was looking. But after the event my head spun around and what could I see? Nothing.

I had heard the grinding plastic. Coz that’s what our cars are made of nowadays.

So then I went through the painstaking next part where we walk around to the back hoping like hell that miraculously Newton’s law had escaped me.

And for a brief moment it seemed it had. The back looked perfect. Like my guitar had when I dropped it onto a concrete driveway on it’s edge. The edge looked perfect. Until I turned it onto it’s front.

Walk around another 5 degrees and there is the munted corner. With tell-tale white paint.


And now begins the adjustment period. How long is it going to take me to get used to my now flawed vehicle?

And then the questioning. Who in hell puts a post there??!! I mean what is it doing there?? I’ve driven through this park umpteen times and have barely noticed these white posts. They are obviously of no damn use to anyone. So I stand back and photograph them.


It now becomes apparent that it is something to do with signalling a judder bar. Not what I needed right now. Who decides we need judder bars? And who decides we need posts to signal them?

And if that’s what they’re for what is that rogue lone white post doing in the distance??!!

I know this is all futile. I know people build things to protect people, and tell people things and help people and on this particular day, it was no use to me at all.

And as I drove away back through the park, I could see these white posts everywhere.

Where was my Reticular Activating System when I needed it.

Oh well, at least I’ve got my funny blog.


I drive home and watch the documentary Heal.


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