HoW hAve I beeN so naive?
i mEan – aM I raScist?
i feAr I aM…iF I see a pErsoN who lOoks DiffErenT i NotIcE it

I dOn’T wAnt to

bUt I dO…

aNd SomETiMes
iT hoLds Me bAck…
FRom reAlLy bEinG

wiTh yOu

hAvE I reAllY bEEn so chIldliKe?
iS it an AcciDent thaT thE peOple I spEnd mY timE witH acT liKe me – thInK liKe mE

I mEan ReaLLy

is iT?





and sO…

wiTh EverYthIng


thE woRlD haS cOmE to oUr dooR
and wHen I heArD

thE neWs

I baRelY reGisterEd
I heArd

ChrisTchUrch anD thouGht – oH ChriStChurcH

I’m soRRy tO beCome NumB to HeaRinG of yoUr Pain



I hAve JuSt cooKeD beeTroOt wiThoUt TurNing oN thE cooKer

sO in ThE enD it Was jUst thE tiMer ruNNinG dowN



i DoN’t kNoW whAt tO saY

i Am iNdulGed in mY pAlM-hEld 4 IncHeS of thE woRlD

boWinG tO my oWn MeCcA

i wAs giVeN a sOunD bOwl and i bOuGhT a CanDlE thAt I liGht foR yOu

wE aRe sO smAll

bUt wE cAn mAkE…

AnD sO

wHeN i SeE yOu

wHeN i FinD yOu

i WiLL mAke

LiKe cRaZy

LIkE thE tiMer’s RuNNinG doWn



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